Jake Marshwell
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Jake Marshwell

"At the moment I’ve probably got a whole pile of home work taller than my fridge, I haven’t done yet and I’m not planning on doing it either."


Jacob Marshwell


19 April 1995





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Dark Brown

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Jake Marshwell was responsible for the destruction of the Dodorith and Negaty Diamond and is a descendant of Peter Marshwell.

Early Life Edit

Jake was born in April 1995 and has lived a tough life since then. six months after his birth, Jake's father faked his death and travelled to the Bermuda triangle to protect the Negaty Diamond. Jake's mother currently was in possesion of the Dodorith Diamond which she used to calm her children down if they were upset or hurt. As a child Jake always had issues, for example, he had no friends other than a young boy by the name of Shaun Binning and had a low self esteem. This continued through high school and Jake was always the subject of bullying by Wes Toges. This was more frequent during late 2009/ early 2010, due to the fact that Wes was actually being posessed by Helkarr.

Meeting Spider Edit

After a particually unpleasant confrontation with Helkarr (disguised as Wes Toges). Jake's mother, Samantha Marshwell came to give him the Dodorith Diamond once again due to his concussion and broken nose. The diamond immediately healed Jake and made him feel a lot happier about life. later that afternoon he was attacked by a Torosilth which was killed only when Spider (Alexander Lewis) came to his rescue, shooting the torosilth in the back. Spider explained to Jake that someone (Helkarr) was after the diamond and that if Jake lost the diamond the world would be destroyed. ‘Anyway, it’s hard to explain, but someone wants that diamond, and you have to protect it. Whatever happens, you can’t lose it. The fate of the world is at stake and you must keep it hidden. His name… Well, I’m not sure anyone knows but you better…’ Jake and Spider along with Molly and John travelled to Uncle Frank's Hotel where they attempted to stay as a hiding place. However the Hotel turned out to be Helkarr's headquaters and the five of them had to run away before getting into the car again. Once in the car and safely driving along the freeway Spider explained to Jake, Molly, John and Samantha how Helkarr knew about Jake. Spider was tortured by an invisible Helkarr into telling him of Jake's whereabouts. After this Jake became rather angry with Spider and refused to talk to him.

The Other Hotel Edit

Afterwards they travelled to a much safer hotel and intended to stay there. They booked room 437 and headed up there. In the hotel Spider apologised to Jake and said sorry because he felt he had made up for it by coming and saving his life from the torosilth. Spider then gave Jake a gun with P.N.D. engraved on the barrel. Jake put the gun in the holster that Spider had given him and went downstairs to see how much the Dodorith Diamond was worth. He looked on the Hotel computer and left soon afterwards, then he realised that he had left the diamond next to the computer he ran back downstairs but found a concierge holding it instead. The concierge claimed that it was his so Jake used a gun shot to scare the concierge into giving him the diamond. The bullet hit the wall behind the concierge and Jake ran off to the others with the diamond. Upon realising that Jake had probably been caught by a security camera and that the police would shorty be after him, the five of them left the hotel and flew away on the back of a dragon known as Fiddles. Fiddles and Spider somehow knew each other.

Speprica and the Bermuda Triangle Edit

After escaping the Hotel, Helkarr found them at last and kidnapped Samantha who he woud hold for twenty four hours before killing her, the four of them decided to go and stay at a caravan park in Motavigavigale owned by Joe Hollander. That night Helkarr sent a dream into Jake's head telling him that if he didn't return the diamond to Helkarr, his mother would die. The next morning, two Speprica were waiting outside, the four of them flew away from the Speprica and Jake, Molly John and Spider managed to kill both. They stopped at a cafe for breakfast but saw a news report on T.V. which showed Jake shooting the wall behind the concierge and running off. The four of them left and Spider discussed his plan to use both the Negaty Diamond and Dodorith Diamond to threaten Helkarr into releasing Samantha. They travelled to the bermuda triangle on fiddles for, Spider knew that was where the Negaty Diamond was kept.

James MarshwellEdit

At the bermuda triangle they were attacked by the guardian, luckily James Marshwell arose from the water to rescue them, he took everyone underwater except for Fiddles and explained to everyone the story of how he had fakedhis own death using clones made by the negaty diamond and told the story of how Peter Marshwell had stolen the diamonds from Helkarr and hiddden them. Then James gave Jake a ring which allowed them to travel from place to place in a matter of seconds. Jake, not believing in James'story, decided to travel to Peter Marshwell's grave.


They were all transported (except James)to a graveyard where a tombstone of James Marshwell's was. As hey were leaving Molly realised that the grasswas positioned strangely. The others wouldn't have thought anything of it until Spider thought it strange too. Spider managed to push the gravestone over to reveal a tunnel. Climbing through it, they found a secret chamber wherea coffin lay. On top of the coffin there was a sword. The sword was positioned inside a petestool wich read: He who posesses the sword of Marshwell shall vanquish he who created the diamonds. John took the sword and noted that it 'could be useful, after all it was mde for killing Helkarr wasn't it.' As soon as John took the sword however they felt an icy wind blow through the chamber. When they left however there was an army of Scelturi waiting for them. A group of them took the ring off Jake's finger. They tried taking the diamond but Jake stopped them. John soon realised that the sword was very effective against them. As they chased the scelturi who had taken the ring Jake was attacked by the Skelturok John lingered back to help him as Molly and Spider ran to find the diamond. John managed to get rid of the Skelturok by cutting of it's head from behind with the sword.


After recovering the ring the four of them travelled back to Uncle Frank's Hotel. They landed on the roof and looked through a window. Seeing Helkarr they stopped realising that they didn't have the diamond. They decided instead that Jake and Molly wait with the diamond while Spider and John went down to rescue Samantha. Jake, who couldn't stand sitting back and doing nothing went down as well without Spider or John knowing. Jake remembered a few of the diamonds powers, none of them would help. He decided instead to use the ring again. Shouting 'Wherever Samantha Marshwell is' and jake was transported into a kitchen where he found his mother bound by a snake. Jake found the snake impossible to remove. While trying to untie it Helkarr told Jake that it was one of is more special powers. The snake was indestructible and that it would kill her in a matter of minutes. As Helkarr tried to teleport away however Jake grabbed onto him. As the two of them landed in the hotel lobby, Jake and Helkarr began fighting. It was only when John showed up with the sword that Jake knew what to do. Jake and Helkarr fought and dodged each others attacks. Jake seemed to take no damage at all even when the sword hit. Then, surprisingly James Marshwell showed up with Fiddles. However, James didn't fly to the Hotel, he just teleported while holding onto him. James then revealed upon seeing jake holding the sword that it was infused with both the Dodorith and Negaty Diamonds and that it was possible to infuse all of them. Jake didn't like the idea of giving the sword any more power but realised that he would die otherwise. Jake fled from the battle realising that he had to infuse it quickly. He infused all of the Dodorith Diamonds powers and turned back to battle Helkarr. Jake knocked Helkarr's sword out of his hand and held Peter's up to Helkarr's throat. Helkarr revealed that he had been disguised as Wes ever since Spider had told him of Jake' whereabouts. He told Jake that he was the one who had made Shaun Binning leave the school so that Jake left the school and was always unhappy. Then in the final moments James Marshwell revealed that he had brought the Negaty Diamond along as well. James threw the Negaty Diamond through the air and Jake attempted to infuse the power into the diamond. However, the diamond wouldn;t infuse and Helkarr revealed that it wasn't the real diamond because he had it all along. He had actually stolen it when The Protectors of the Negaty Diamond was broken into. Helkarr held out the real diamond to destroy the sword and Jake acting on reflex, let go of the sword. The explosion caused by both diamonds killed Helkarr and Jake fell down unconcious.


Jake awoke in hospital three days later, and had a broken leg, broken arm and a concussion. His family visited him first, Samantha was already leaning on his bed when he woke up. Spider came in to see him next and revealed that he had told the doctors that he had been injured in a skateboarding accident. After about a week Jake was released and went back to living with his enire family (his dad included now that there was no diamond to protect). Spider also revealed that he'd been doing some research on the computer and found out that Helkarr had killed his parents when he was a baby, and that Spider's real name was Alexander Lewis.


Jake lived a much quieter life at home, he remained hopeful that he would see Spider again. However while on a camping trip he came across Fiddles who showed Jake a special stone. The stone said that whoever held the stone could find the answer to any question. Jake asked the stone many simple questions a nd almost became dependant on it however, eventually he asked what would happen if he hadn't defeated Helkarr. The stone transported him to an alternate dimension in which he soon found out that his Alternate identity had been killed by Helkarr.

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